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Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my IDdown channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!

Let’s Draw! | YIAY TIME

Let’s Draw! | YIAY TIME





The Last JackAsk.

The Last JackAsk.

iPhone 12 (parody)

iPhone 12 (parody)

Damn, Alexa

Damn, Alexa


  • Camila Cordero
    Camila CorderoJam Yang lalu

    I remembered this cursed series today. I looked this up. Please just kill me.

  • Lionkingview
    LionkingviewJam Yang lalu

    Ok so obviously Jack was in an accident and received a blood transfusion from Eric Andre and thats how this came into existence. Edit: I should've waited with this comment

  • Brycen Morgan
    Brycen MorganJam Yang lalu

    RIP John’s recommended section

  • Henry Miller
    Henry MillerJam Yang lalu

    I didn’t know that yesterday meant two months ago

  • Lucas Fulton
    Lucas FultonJam Yang lalu

    Well, face masks will be very popular, so... there’s that...

  • Alien Artist
    Alien ArtistJam Yang lalu

    If you have two P's you're R. Kelly If you have one P you're still R. Kelly

  • DucksAreCute
    DucksAreCute2 jam yang lalu

    ryan george is 👑

  • Kishor Nepal
    Kishor Nepal2 jam yang lalu

    cheers 4 da spoiler JOHN

  • flags_2514
    flags_25142 jam yang lalu

    can you fix the Russian flag

  • Swiftcloud Cloud of swift
    Swiftcloud Cloud of swift2 jam yang lalu

    No That Garfield

  • Salma Mohammed
    Salma Mohammed2 jam yang lalu

    joh no

  • Vunga
    Vunga2 jam yang lalu

    1:07 do you think that we see racism as a problem here?

  • Celeste Simulator
    Celeste Simulator2 jam yang lalu

    I think the purple threw it off

  • Llewelyn Colebourn
    Llewelyn Colebourn2 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc It's like coal. Works best when you mine it.

  • postmalonescigarette
    postmalonescigarette2 jam yang lalu

    Jack feels bored and sad in this vid

  • Scribble
    Scribble2 jam yang lalu

    Is it bad that I listened to these songs so much in lockdown that I memorised every word to each song?

  • NOT created anything
    NOT created anything2 jam yang lalu

    She is so beautiful damn it.

  • Trevina Solyman
    Trevina Solyman2 jam yang lalu

    Should... should I ruin this for join? Uh Me me big disappointment??

  • Arik L
    Arik L3 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc So remember when Pokemon was relevant, yeah it is again

  • Clocks Are Great
    Clocks Are Great3 jam yang lalu

    Now I want to be roasted... My channel should be enough.

  • United Bacons
    United Bacons3 jam yang lalu


  • Random Roughneck
    Random Roughneck3 jam yang lalu

    Jack should use the og ai script thing which was used for the dame da ne memes and stuff, it gives you wayy more control over what to do with the faces and what source to use

  • Cassie Mitchell
    Cassie Mitchell3 jam yang lalu

    Alexander Anderson? Where are the Hellsing Ultimate Abriged fans at?

  • mango
    mango3 jam yang lalu

    Me Me big disappointment

  • Captain Crazy
    Captain Crazy3 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc Your parents missed out on it

  • Ettel
    Ettel3 jam yang lalu

    This video would've earned a like just for this 2:32

  • Intermedes
    Intermedes3 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc the dumb people made fake money to sound smart

  • Swiftcloud Cloud of swift
    Swiftcloud Cloud of swift3 jam yang lalu

    2:31 Ok Anacondas eat deer and other larger mammals Get you facts right

  • xhappyponyx
    xhappyponyx3 jam yang lalu

    This is so wild to me as someone who’s been playing Minecraft for so many years, it’s all so intuitive and obvious to me that I have a hard time comprehending what it’s like for someone totally new haha

  • Alex
    Alex3 jam yang lalu

    i mean its called negativity bias. its something wired into our brains

  • Frohg Yea
    Frohg Yea3 jam yang lalu

    Its robux but its like a game of chance it could put you in debt or make sou richer! #YIAYbtc

  • itslegend4ry
    itslegend4ry3 jam yang lalu

    3 years later still don't know the meaning of this but hey its always nice hearing some coughs even in covid times

  • Schmoxy the Snob
    Schmoxy the Snob3 jam yang lalu

    He only did 2 rather than 5

  • Vic Lee
    Vic Lee3 jam yang lalu

    Walbert is actually Greta if u didn’t know

  • BrokenEye
    BrokenEye3 jam yang lalu

    That "life lesson" was more of a thing a boomer would say.

  • Voidwolf LZ
    Voidwolf LZ3 jam yang lalu

    I’ve listened to this 19 times already

  • jhon
    jhon3 jam yang lalu


  • Patrick Dolan
    Patrick Dolan3 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc kryptocurrency is the money Superman uses.

  • _ Grad
    _ Grad3 jam yang lalu

    Forgot about this gem

  • Sion's Media
    Sion's Media3 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like rugbi

  • Freddie Clayton
    Freddie Clayton3 jam yang lalu

    Can I just point out the 12 mid rolls and a sponsor

  • LordFluffles
    LordFluffles3 jam yang lalu

    7:08 yo thats one of the Skarsgards

  • Owen Korver
    Owen Korver3 jam yang lalu

    We stan a queen!!1!

  • ZacharyAttackery
    ZacharyAttackery3 jam yang lalu

    This feels like eating plastic.

  • GooberTheGrand
    GooberTheGrand3 jam yang lalu

    I'm terrified to see what this kind of technology becomes in the distant future. Are we just going to be able to take a picture of a corpse and have an algorithm reanimate it into a character in a feature length film?

  • Multiplied
    Multiplied4 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Not a single soul: People in the comments: lEtS pRomOte mY cHaNnEl iTlL bE rEaLlY fUNnY

  • Ronan Markow
    Ronan Markow4 jam yang lalu

    0:37 completely missed a pretty obvious joke. I guess he's just not used to funny things being in the profession that he is in. Also this man is actually SO old. He tries to act young and hip, but oh boy. Jacksfilms' death is way closer than you'd think. Yayy!

  • Prentasaurus 348
    Prentasaurus 3484 jam yang lalu

    So u know Superman’s plane krypton it’s their version of money

  • Meeta Verma
    Meeta Verma4 jam yang lalu

    1:00 it's like a Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster version of jacksfilms 🤔🤔

  • Philippe Gagnon
    Philippe Gagnon4 jam yang lalu

    #yiaybtc Unlike a forehead, a blockchain is a system of exchange, identity and governance that can be scaled up without deteriorating

  • someone I think
    someone I think4 jam yang lalu

    My favorite star wars is episode 8 but I didn't have jar jar so it's tied with episode 1

  • Salma Mohammed
    Salma Mohammed4 jam yang lalu

    #YIAYbtc crypto currency is basically like the mario and sonic gif but its money

  • someone I think
    someone I think4 jam yang lalu

    I tried watching lord of the rings but I it's just way to boring, the hobbit movies are a lot better

  • Egas
    Egas4 jam yang lalu

    Jack, maybe if you were a little bit more excited (it’s not like you can fake it but yk) these type of yiays would flow better. Just a thought

  • Salma Mohammed
    Salma Mohammed4 jam yang lalu

    me me face animate

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    “Let me okay among you” I am already among you, John. But you will never find me.

  • Kracc Bacc
    Kracc Bacc4 jam yang lalu

    Fix the Texas flag

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    I do agree that your mother is so attractive that when she travelled to the country named mexic, the country became the warmest country to ever be recorded.

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    5 maroon sounds like a band in a movie where they can’t use maroon 5 songs but still have a character that likes maroon 5

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    Trump should’ve given the speech in a furvius costume.

  • David
    David4 jam yang lalu


  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    At least that guy doesn’t have to do something to all their games, because splatoon 3 is real now

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    I know where all the black characters go, they leave because they realise they’re in a hallmark movie.

  • Rosa
    Rosa4 jam yang lalu

    I do wonder, is there a reason that when it animated the avatar he didn't just crop the video to remove the avatar and see if it will work _then_?

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason4 jam yang lalu

    I kinda want this game lmao

  • CaniblePotato 29
    CaniblePotato 294 jam yang lalu

    Ai Yiay Yaiy

  • historic knives guy
    historic knives guy4 jam yang lalu

    pewdiepie is gonna eat you you bich you cant make vidos about these sart peple that c throw these lies

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen4 jam yang lalu


  • Corey Evan
    Corey Evan5 jam yang lalu

    Amazing song that throw me in pimples 😂

  • Diggy Gorgonzola
    Diggy Gorgonzola5 jam yang lalu

    "Spread it like a virus"