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Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my IDdown channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!



Movie Night | YIAY TIME

Movie Night | YIAY TIME

Did we fix YIAY TIME?!

Did we fix YIAY TIME?!



MANSION (feat. 2toesup)

MANSION (feat. 2toesup)

Let’s Draw! | YIAY TIME

Let’s Draw! | YIAY TIME






  • Tsu
    Tsu22 jam yang lalu

    Wow he just got his first strike Alexander bowling man

  • Cool cream
    Cool cream22 jam yang lalu

    Do not insult Batman boy 29:25

  • Nillhole Nixon
    Nillhole Nixon22 jam yang lalu

    I mostly feel bad for jack, seems like he put a lot of effort into basically making a game show for young children. And his audience hated it so much.

  • Andrei The Cringe lord
    Andrei The Cringe lord22 jam yang lalu

    A beautiful relic of youtubes past.

  • Pixelmaster99
    Pixelmaster9922 jam yang lalu

    I’ll give them an example of what they’re talking about

  • Alakazor
    Alakazor22 jam yang lalu


  • Sam
    Sam22 jam yang lalu


  • speed game
    speed game23 jam yang lalu

    I put this as my ringtone

  • KittyCorn Roblox!
    KittyCorn Roblox!23 jam yang lalu

    Danny Gonzalez (the guy who runs the drew gooden channel) and jacks films have an equally big forehead and I gotta bleach my eyes after that

  • ellironi
    ellironi23 jam yang lalu

    Thank you jack for being one of The best creators on this platform. Here's an interaction comment.

  • snowgirl'
    snowgirl'23 jam yang lalu

    i wanna personally high five whoever made "losing yr vegan superpowers" for 27:44

  • aola wili
    aola wili23 jam yang lalu

    This video from start to finish was way funnier than it had any right to be. An instant classic. Even the ad was hilarious

  • nub player
    nub player23 jam yang lalu

    My friends: "What are your job?" Me: "I'm an amateur rappist" My friends: 👁️👄👁️

    ECLIPSE23 jam yang lalu

    Priest: Do you, Erin, take Jack as your husband? Erin: I do! Priest: Do you, Jack, take Erin as your wife? Jack: me me big boy

  • Luca Mihail Murafa
    Luca Mihail Murafa23 jam yang lalu


  • Alva Maki
    Alva Maki23 jam yang lalu

    Jack is being held hostage to make these still cringy shows.

  • that one depression guy
    that one depression guyHari Yang lalu

    what about 3 p's because im a rappper

  • bixby team
    bixby teamHari Yang lalu

    Sens u sed u don't like it I willunsub

  • Light alone
    Light aloneHari Yang lalu

    Can you make my comment the same here

  • Light alone
    Light aloneHari Yang lalu


  • Light alone
    Light aloneHari Yang lalu

    Woah that really works

  • Light alone
    Light aloneHari Yang lalu


  • Light alone
    Light aloneHari Yang lalu


  • violet jade
    violet jadeHari Yang lalu

    this is lowkey the best jacksfilms apple parody. pure gold

  • Nathan Reign P. Andres
    Nathan Reign P. AndresHari Yang lalu

    This video got 300k+ views on a video called '3 dogs on a couch'

  • GodKingGiant47
    GodKingGiant47Hari Yang lalu

    This is the best YGS episode besides 100

  • Roller Coaster Addict
    Roller Coaster AddictHari Yang lalu

    Making something like this is the absolute first sign that you are becoming a furry.

  • JeanThePants
    JeanThePantsHari Yang lalu

    I wish I had been able to vote on this. This is fun

  • JeanThePants
    JeanThePantsHari Yang lalu

    Whatever the whole outcome is .. Gus's Bond answer takes all the gold.

  • TheHoundDogger
    TheHoundDoggerHari Yang lalu

    Wonder when he discontinued the straw

  • jay
    jayHari Yang lalu

    came back to this vid because this is where i first heard of doge coin

  • Bluzigo
    BluzigoHari Yang lalu

    “Trumps apology video”

  • Jennifer Parke
    Jennifer ParkeHari Yang lalu

    Amaazing rocky from the amazing world of gumball impression

  • Diana Lim
    Diana LimHari Yang lalu

    I hate u fixed malaysia

  • loving Life
    loving LifeHari Yang lalu

    Walbert will just be animal crossing herobrine.

  • ZacStuff
    ZacStuffHari Yang lalu

    "Welcome back to YIAY Time, the" *obvious cut* "Gameshow" Dw jack, we feel your editing pain.

  • David Tucker
    David TuckerHari Yang lalu

    Not every raper is a rapper, but...

  • CheddaSquad
    CheddaSquadHari Yang lalu

    Why did they kill 30 people? Alexander Murderin’

  • prince James amon ra and American Indian Cherokee
    prince James amon ra and American Indian CherokeeHari Yang lalu

    The sun is fire to create the world

  • Electric Sock
    Electric SockHari Yang lalu


  • Mavarik The Star Crusader
    Mavarik The Star CrusaderHari Yang lalu

    I got a hamilton ad before this

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh MomentHari Yang lalu

    Bruh 2014 feels so recent event tho its not honestly.

  • Funny Stuffts
    Funny StufftsHari Yang lalu

    We were so wrong this is genius and we were fools not to see it

  • IamWeird
    IamWeirdHari Yang lalu

    1:28 i like this one lmao

  • Justin receiver
    Justin receiverHari Yang lalu

    0:56 To the rickrollers In 2021

  • Voidling studios official
    Voidling studios officialHari Yang lalu


  • no
    noHari Yang lalu

    My life is sad

  • Shadz Gamez
    Shadz GamezHari Yang lalu

    That fake end screen is too convincing. It's my exact type of recommended I see all the time. lol

  • •Kotori•
    •Kotori•Hari Yang lalu

    Hey i'm a human

  • Liam Schmalstieg27
    Liam Schmalstieg27Hari Yang lalu

    I like how 20% of the comments are “Ha I broke the chain!” Like it was already broken long ago

  • Dorbellprod
    DorbellprodHari Yang lalu

    I love this song and, Jack's face while singing it, a bit too much. I find myself coming back to this one a lot just to hear him "do do do".

  • monty python
    monty pythonHari Yang lalu

    I can only name one character. Jake sully the main dude

  • Zachary Kelley
    Zachary KelleyHari Yang lalu

    Still a no

  • kxtsugo
    kxtsugoHari Yang lalu

    like if you’re hear after 3 dogs on a couch 💀

  • Empty Bag
    Empty BagHari Yang lalu

    I love this as a reboot of three dicks on a bench.

  • Peter Schexnayder
    Peter SchexnayderHari Yang lalu

    *D O N O T D I G E S T T H E W O N D E R F U L P O I S O N*

  • Shrinky Dinks
    Shrinky DinksHari Yang lalu

    Jack get Trisha Paytas on here. Work out your one sided beef.

  • Justapassingperson The first
    Justapassingperson The firstHari Yang lalu


  • NikABoi
    NikABoiHari Yang lalu

    Is anyone gonna talk about Erin's amazing Singing voice?

  • Aryan Kondapally
    Aryan KondapallyHari Yang lalu

    One is more fun than the other

  • Aryan Kondapally
    Aryan KondapallyHari Yang lalu

    @Andraws! Take a guess 😂😂😹

  • Andraws!
    Andraws!Hari Yang lalu

    uh...which one?

  • ahtck
    ahtckHari Yang lalu

    Missing the armpit sweat and camera reflections. 11/10.

  • vaibhav attre
    vaibhav attreHari Yang lalu

    Sinatraa Moment

  • J ,
    J ,Hari Yang lalu

    I thought it was a stretched cute cat face :3

  • Sorbitol Hydrated Silica
    Sorbitol Hydrated SilicaHari Yang lalu

    At least put a mask on

  • Good Comment Man
    Good Comment ManHari Yang lalu

    So, this is how you make a living.

  • The Unfriendly Canadian
    The Unfriendly CanadianHari Yang lalu

    This video has the same vibes as the videos you see in hotels telling you what to do in the city

  • priorbj
    priorbjHari Yang lalu

    I forgot I was in this one. Sorry for making you suffer John.

  • Canti RK
    Canti RKHari Yang lalu

    Why does Gus have edited in eyebrows

  • blitzo haz ur butter
    blitzo haz ur butterHari Yang lalu

    what's wrong *B I L L Y*

  • Lidcann
    LidcannHari Yang lalu

    Annoying orange

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The GreatHari Yang lalu

    0:25 Fun fact: The phrase "Blue Corn Moon" has no actual meaning in Native American folklore. It was made up by lyricist Stephen Schwartz because he liked the sound of it, being inspired by a Native American love poem that read "I will come to you in the of green".

  • Lidcann
    LidcannHari Yang lalu

    This is some jimmy falon shit

  • Anthony Huang
    Anthony HuangHari Yang lalu

    I’ve already watched this 5 times 5 hours of my life I’ll never get back

  • Zoan
    ZoanHari Yang lalu

    Enimenm raping: Oxygn: I'm in a joke to to you

  • Luigi Velez
    Luigi VelezHari Yang lalu


  • Cordon Joseph
    Cordon JosephHari Yang lalu

    As much as I miss the slide whistle, this is good.

  • Sneedies
    SneediesHari Yang lalu

    Not enuf slide whistle 😡😡😡

  • Tekhar
    TekharHari Yang lalu

    i love michael but he scares me sometimes

  • Ellie Kristina Mae
    Ellie Kristina MaeHari Yang lalu

    2:27 ok but this is just actual antidepressants

  • Dr. Peppers Geronimo
    Dr. Peppers GeronimoHari Yang lalu

    Michael won by following the rules, how very Michael of him